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Second meet/cruise/bbq.

September 21, 2015 0


After our first meet, it was evident that we like… good company of people, awesome cars and most importantly FOOD! So a BBQ was definitely on the cards.

To make things interesting we decided to brake out of the norm and go visit the forest with our foresters… Rather than just another car-park gathering, a nice relaxing drive was exactly what everyone was after.

Meeting point didn’t disappoint with around 20 cars rocking up on a Saturday sunny morning. Drinks packed, fresh meat in the esky chilling with ice, and a bag of fresh bread, we were ready to roll!!

Cruising the M31 Hume Highway is always a refreshing experience, as you pass the scenic country fields, thriving wineries and good hour of smooth driving.
Once we arrived to the Penrose State Forest rest area it was great to see once again everyone mingling with no one left to the side.
After BBQ was cooked and everyone feeling full , it was time for some pics. This forest is very unique with it’s red dusty roads, green lushes pine trees and thick grown flora, which made way for amazing shots taken by one of our admins Mat P.

All in all a very successful second meet, with happy faces which proved this a event a big success.

Thank you to everyone who came along!

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