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Third meet/cruise/eat at Robertson pie shop.

September 21, 2015 0

As always, everyone was on their best behavior, trouble free event. Weather held up well with everyone having a great time as expected.

First meet point saw an easy 20 foresters already lined up when clock hit 10.30am with no late arrivals which was very good to see.
Then was the easy cruise down to the second meet point where we saw another easy 4ish foresters or so (Locals decided to leave as soon as we rocked up, so couldn’t count).

On the way to the national pass we passed a huge group of Skylines, Supras and Evos. Who all turned around with the forester convoy slowly rolling by , which was almost an enemy stare-off.

Making our way through the twists was fun as always without any dramas or heroes trying to wipe people out.
Robertson pie shop was the final stop where we finally parked in a line before making our way inside to feast on Sydney’s best freshly baked pies.
Great food, great cars and very friendly fellow forester owners, what else would one ask for.
Thank you all for coming!
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